Comfortable wrapper for Windows Shell (cmd)

cmd_contextLonger work with cmd (Windows Shell) is annoying due to marking and copy operation are inconvenient to use.

I would like to make it work like linux terminal or even putty. One of possible solutions is to connect to local computer via PuTTy.

The only way you could achieve this is to install an SSH or Telnet server into Windows. Windows comes with a telnet server in the Add/Remove Windows Components.

Then you can use PuTTY to connect to the local computer and log in.

However you will still be running cmd.exe within PuTTY, so you won’t really gain anything by this – infact it will probably be worse


There is a better solution: ConEmu. This one is a wrapper to cmd.exd and not only! It can also handle:

  • Git bash
  • powershell
  • CygWin
  • and many more…


I don’t consider here CygWin which provides  substantial POSIX API functionality (bash) because still it doesn’t replace cmd.exe.


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