KDE (Debian) – multiple monitors losing display settings after logout

After installation unstable version of Debian (3.11-2-amd64) with KDE (4:4.11.3-2) I got very annoying bug. After each system logout screen settings are not saved. This bug was submitted here, but not fixed yet. Resolution, position and refresh adjustments are lost. Unfortunately this bug is not solved still (at the moment of this post writing).

The simpler solution, (but not enough good because not direct) is to write a script which will set these setting after each system autostar. Follow these steps:

  1. Read and remember Display settings:
    monitors name
    displaySettingsTo approach this window on Debian hit ALT + F2 and type “display”
  2. Write a script in directory /etc/X11
    You have to have root permissions (type “su” and put your password)
    Create file in this directory with .sh extension (e.g. nano DisplaySettings.sh)
    Write this these commends in script (parameters of xrandr comments are obvious so I want’t describe it – compare them with above screenshot ];) )
    xrandr –output LVDS –pos 0x312 –mode 1366×768 –refresh 60
    xrandr –output VGA-0 –pos 1366×0 –mode 1920×1080 –refresh 60
  3. Change script executable and readable attributes:
    chmod 755  /etc/X11/DisplaySettings.sh
  4. Add this script to Autostart:
    Hit ALT + F2 and type “autostart”
    autostartPress “Add Script…” and put path to this mentioned script.
  5. Reboot system

For me this works but like I said before – I don’t think that it is is a good solution (e.g. for system performance(=speed) launch) 🙂


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