Visual Studio not building .exe file in Release/Debug folder [for begginers]

This is post is dedicated for beginners programmers to explain “why .exe file is not created in Debug/Release directory”.

Your output directory of executable file is specified by default to [your_project_directory]\bin\Debugfor Debug build mode or to [your_project_directory]\bin\Release for Release build mode

  • your_project_directory – place where is created your project (there is located *.csproj file)

To switch between default directories Debug/Release:


But if you want specify your own output directory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to in Project->[My_ProjectName] Properties… (or type Alt+F7) and in properties window switch to Build tab (from left panel)
  2. From Configuration combobox select proper build mode (in your case Release) or select: “All Configurations” – the same options for both build modes
  3. At the end in output path textbox choose folder where you want store executable file (and other created during buil of application)


This solution can be useful at least in two cases:

  1. When are you learning and you want not waste space on your disc, then you can specyfy outbut file for all your project to one tmp directory and clean it in some period of time from not necessary files
  2. When your start work with real “huge project” that include many e.g. .csproj projects your can createRuntime directory to storage all your executable files and files created during build of application

I hope that this description will be helpful if yes please leave any feedback.


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