Why XAMPP and WampServer doesn’t works under Windows 7

Sometime after installation of XAMPP or WampServer on Windows 7 it looks that everything went all right and we can have fun with our local server. The problem is that it doesn’t works correctly because we can’t run Apache service!
The reason is that this service uses port number 80 that is already used by the Internet Information Services (IIS). To be sure that this is the reason just type in the browser address localhost. Instead of homepage e.g. of XAMPP appears homepage of Microsoft product:

To run XAMPP or WampServer you must to disable ISS7.  Go to Control panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows Features On and Off, there find branch “Internet Information Services” uncheck it and click OK.


From now on, everything should works all right!

If you want not disable IIS7 there is another way to solve this problem with busy port 80:

    1. Go to Windows Menu Start and type into search box: ISS. Now if you don’t disabled it before should appear Internet Information Services Manager. You can run it also by typing “inetmgr” into command run window.
    2. In left panel “Connections” expand branch with your name and click on “Site” branch.
    3. Right click on “Default Web Site” in main panel and select “BINDINGS” option from context menu.
    4. Change HTTP port from 80 on e.g. 81.
    5. From now if you want to connect with IIS, type in browser address: //localhost:81/yoursite

This approach also should solving your problem!

This is english translation of my popular previous polish post: click


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